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Don't Let Worn Wiper Blades Wipe Out Your Windshield


A car's wiper blades get a great deal of use, and with this increased usage comes more wear. When your blades aren't properly clearing your window and are leaving behind streaks, or are visibly torn and worn, don't hesitate to replace them.

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Everything You Need to Know About a Cracked Windshield


You have a crack in your windshield - it has happened to every driver. You could be looking at a small crack or one that spans across your whole windshield. No matter the size, though, you may be asking yourself if you need to repair the windshield or if you can just keep driving around that way.

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4 Common Causes of Windshield Damage


Your car's windshield is one of the most important components of your vehicle. The windshield allows you to see safely out of your vehicle, but the tiniest chip or crack can compromise its strength and durability. Windshield damage should not be ignored. You need to repair cracks and chips quickly before they have time to spiderweb out and make it difficult for you to see out of your windshield. Here are some common ways windshields get damaged and how you can avoid them.

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