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Complete Mobile Windshield Repair & Replacement Service at Your Home or Office.

Commercial Fleets

fleet repair
If your company depends on commercial automobiles for daily operations, it’s important to keep up on maintenance and service so they all stay running. Whether you have a few corporate cars to entertain clients or a full contingent of delivery vehicles, they’re all susceptible to cracks, chips and other damage to windows and windshields. Safety requirements mandate that you fix these issues as soon as possible, which is why you need a reliable fleet glass service partner that can step in whenever you need repairs. At Tahoma Glass Co., we’ve been serving Puyallup businesses with fleet window repair for 20 years, and we’ll keep all of your cars and trucks up to code.
An 18-wheeler can take quite a lot of abuse over the course of a longer haul, and safety standards for these massive trucks are exceptionally strict. If one or more vehicles in your fleet need a replacement windshield, you need a company that can provide semi-truck glass service as quickly as possible so your operations don’t suffer. Construction equipment can also be susceptible to damage from debris at the worksite, so contact an experienced firm if you need new windows for your dump trucks, loaders, cranes, excavators, tractors, back-hoes, fork-lifts or other machinery to keep things operational.