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Complete Mobile Windshield Repair & Replacement Service at Your Home or Office.

Custom Auto Glass for Vehicles

hot rod
If you’re an automotive enthusiast, you’ve probably spent countless hours laboring over your favorite ride. While the design and paint job of your muscle car or classic vehicle draw attention from fellow hobbyists, you need quality custom auto glass like a windshield and side window package to tie everything together. At Tahoma Glass Co., we’ve been providing repair and replacement services for 20 years, and we have what you need to finish your passion project. Just wait until you see the open road through our vintage auto glass.

We Can Customize Hot Rod & Classic Car Windows

Building or restoring a unique vehicle might be the realization of a fantasy, but there are some realities to consider. Depending on the age and rarity of your automobile, you might have trouble locating classic car glass for initial installation or replacement in the event of breakage. Things get even more complicated when your auto is one of a kind, as everything needs to be custom made. Our experienced technicians can design Hot Rod glass that’s a perfect fit for your doors and windshields, as well as repair and replace gaskets to keep everything tight.

*Pattern and/or Table fees may apply!​