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Complete Mobile Windshield Repair & Replacement Service at Your Home or Office.

Rock Chip Repairs

Windshields take a lot of abuse during driving sessions, as vehicle aerodynamics seem to direct every pebble and piece of road debris right into that protective pane. While most impacts glance off with little to no damage, there’s always the possibility of a chip or crack that could spread into a larger problem if you don’t address the situation. At Tahoma Glass Co., our technicians can meet you wherever you’re parked in Puyallup and determine whether the issue can be solved with windshield repair or if you need a total replacement.

To find out whether your car or truck is safe enough for windshield chip repair, technicians will examine the extent of the damage to see if it meets certain criteria. The most important thing is that cracks do not radiate out more than 6 inches. It’s also crucial that the location isn’t in the driver’s immediate line of sight or at the windshield’s extreme edges. One final criterion is that there can’t be more than three chips. If your vehicle fulfills all of these criteria, technicians can use a clear resin to fill in the crack and divot, and it might even be covered by your insurance.